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Pre-Abortion Screenings

What Are Pre-Abortion Screenings?

Pre- Abortion Screenings are any variety of tests that may be performed before committing to having an abortion, such as, pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Most pre-abortion screenings are done to confirm that an abortion would even be necessary by confirming the pregnancy. One in five pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, so ensuring a viable pregnancy is crucial before discussing your options.

Who Are Pre-Abortion Screenings For?

It is completely normal for someone to want to confirm their pregnancy before reviewing their pregnancy options. These screenings are for any individual that is considering abortion. Lab quality pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are provided and reviewed by licensed medical doctors.

The staff at A New Generation are here to equip you so that you can make an informed decision regarding your pregnancy. We provide confirmation of pregnancy via lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasounds. A nurse will walk through all your options. All our services are free of charge and we do not financially benefit from your decision. No pressure. No judgment. Just support.

If you are interested in learning more about Pre-Abortion Screenings and your options, please either call or schedule an appointment online.

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